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Ecommerce Website

How to Create Ecommerce Website With WordPress

How to Create Ecommerce Website With WordPress

1. Purchase a domain name and hosting from any web hosting provider. 2. Install WordPress to your server using the one-click installation process provided by the hosting company or manually using FTP software like FileZilla. 3. Choose an eCommerce WordPress theme that fits with your website’s design and functionality needs, such as WooCommerce themes or Shopify themes.

4. Install plugins for additional features you may need, including payment gateways (i.e., PayPal), shipping rates calculators, product reviews, etc.. 5. Create product pages with images and descriptions of each item you are offering on the website store section/page . 6 .

Set up payment gateway so customers can purchase products online from your site securely without leaving it (SSL certificate is required). 7 . Add a shopping cart plugin to enable users to add items to their carts while browsing through your products page before checkout .

8 . Design promotional campaigns for upcoming events or special offers via email marketing campaigns or social media platforms like Facebook Ads Manager/Google Adwords etc.. 9 .

  • Purchase a domain name and web hosting: The first step to creating an ecommerce website is to purchase a domain name and web hosting
  • You will need this in order to create a website that can be viewed by the public
  • Install WordPress: Once you have purchased your domain name and hosting, you will need to install WordPress on your server
  • This is the software used for creating websites with WordPress, so it’s important that you get this step right before moving on to any other aspect of building your site
  • Choose an Ecommerce Theme: After installing WordPress, it’s time to choose an ecommerce theme for your website from the many available options online or within WordPress itself (under Appearance > Themes)
  • Your theme should be attractive as well as functional; consider features such as product categorization, payment gateways integration, shopping cart functionality etc when selecting one that suits your needs best
  • 4
  • Install An Ecommerce Plugin: After choosing an appropriate ecommerce theme, you must install an eCommerce plugin onto your website in order for customers to make purchases through it successfully – popular plugins include WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads among others which offer various customization options plus free/premium extensions & add-ons depending upon user requirements
  • 5
  • Set Up Necessary Pages : Setting up necessary pages like About Us , Contact Us , Privacy Policy etc are mandatory steps which helps customers have trust in business practices followed by the store owner
  • Not only these pages help establish brand identity but also comply with legal terms thus preventing any future issues arising due their absence
  • 6
  • Add Products To Website : After setting up required page its now time start adding products along with details such pricing information images etc towards making them ready for sale
  • Depending upon selection of either manual entry or CSV import processing method required fields should be filled correctly leading towards completion of product listing process
  • 7 Test Your Store Before Going Live : Testing all aspects of store starting from placing orders till checkout process is highly recommended practice since incorrect functioning at any stage could result into customer dissatisfaction thereby impacting sales figures negatively

Can I Build an Ecommerce Site With WordPress?

Yes, you can build an eCommerce site with WordPress. WordPress is a great platform for creating an online store as it provides all the tools needed to design and manage a professional website. With WordPress, you have access to hundreds of plugins that make setting up and managing your store simple.

Plus, there are plenty of themes available to give your store a unique look and feel. You can also customize your shop’s checkout process so customers have a smooth experience from start to finish. Additionally, you get access to powerful analytics so you can track sales performance and customer behavior over time.

In short, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful eCommerce solution then WordPress may be the perfect choice for you!

Is WordPress Ok for Ecommerce?

Yes, WordPress is an excellent platform for eCommerce. It’s incredibly versatile and user-friendly, making it a popular choice among entrepreneurs and website owners. With the right plugins, you can create a fully functioning online store with features like shopping cart integration, payment gateway support, order tracking systems and more.

Plus, WordPress offers themes designed specifically for eCommerce stores that make customization easy and provide great visuals to customers browsing your products. As long as you use reliable hosting services that offer high uptimes and security measures such as SSL certificates to keep customer data secure during transactions, then a WordPress based ecommerce site should be just fine.

How to Create Ecommerce Website With WordPress

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How to Create Ecommerce Website in WordPress Free

Creating an ecommerce website using WordPress is a great way to start selling online. With WordPress, you can create an ecommerce website for free with the help of some plugins. You’ll be able to set up an online store, add products and payment options, manage orders and customers, track sales performance, and more—all without spending any money on hosting or other services.

Plus, you can customize your site as much as you want so it looks completely unique. Getting started is easy – all you need is a domain name and a web host that supports WordPress.


Creating an ecommerce website with WordPress is a great way to get your business up and running quickly. With the right plugins, themes, hosting platform, and payment gateway you can easily create an effective online store. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s so easy to use, even those who are not tech-savvy can build a successful website in no time at all.

With some patience and perseverance anyone can create a professional looking ecommerce site with WordPress that will help grow their business for years to come.


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